Selection Process Overview

The Selection Process is subdivided in four Phases: Eligibility Check, International Peer Review, Personal Interviews and Decision. Details for each step are explained on the following pages.
STAR guarantees a recruitment process based on openness, transparency, merit, impartiality, and equality. To avoid a potential conflict of interest, neither the University of Siegen nor the partner organisations will have any influence on the selection of candidates, which will be the sole prerogative of independent external experts. Selection procedures will follow established practice at University of Siegen preventing discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or identity, religion or belief, as well as disabilities.
STAR encourages applications from researchers with a range of scientific backgrounds and career stages. The peer reviewers and members of the Selection Committee will keep an open mind about extraordinary and interrupted career paths and take the candidate’s background into account when evaluating the scientific output (track record). So that parental leaves, long-term illnesses, military service, time devoted to take care of family members or work experience outside research do not constitute a disadvantage for the applicant.

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