How to apply

Applications are not open at the moment.

Applications will be accepted through the application platform of the University of Siegen or by postal mail. We highly recommend to use our application platform for submission. Applications sent by email will be rejected.

We suggest to follow these steps before submitting an application:

  1. Read the Guide for Applicants
  2. Decide if you want to apply for the INCOMING or the OUTGOING scheme and check the corresponding Eligibility Criteria
  3. Identify potential supervisor(s) at University of Siegen (for INCOMINGS), at a partner institution or a research facility of your own choice (for OUTGOINGS and secondments)
  4. Sketch up your idea on a research project and develop a project proposal.
  5. Contact the potential supervisor(s) and place the project manager in copy (this is mandatory). In this email you should already provide the technical annex (project description) and a budget plan.
  6. Based on this your supervisors can issue a Letter of Endorsement, which needs to accompany your application.
  7. Compile all needed documents (see documents section)
  8. Start your application in our Online Application Portal

Application through the online application system of the University of Siegen:

On the application platform, each candidate creates her/his own profile and will be able to prepare and upload all documents needed for the application.

Application on paper:

If you want to submit your application on paper, we suggest that you contact the project manager Dr. Lena Butz ( beforehand to inform us, that your application is on its way. The date of the postmark of the senders post office will then be considered as the relevant date for submission within the deadline.

Please send your paper application to:

Universität Siegen
Referat Forschungsförderung
Dr. Lena Butz
D-57068 Siegen

Within the given call deadline, applicants have to submit the full set of requested data and documents via the STAR information/submission system or via postal mail (section How to Apply). Incomplete or delayed applications will be rejected. Candidates must provide all documents in English. Mandatory templates must be used. Each candidate can only submit one application per call.

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