Wölfel Engineering GmbH & Co. KG is a technology-oriented SME in the field of structural mechanics with more than 110 employees, more than a quarter of whom are engineers or natural scientists with doctorates. The main focus of their work is structural dynamics and monitoring of buildings and structures as well as the related use of measurement technology and the development of automated evaluation algorithms for signal analysis. This is complemented by simulations and the elimination of vibration problems.

While Wölfel's technical focus is centered around structural dynamics, acoustics and signal analysis, the company itself has a broad range of industries it serves. We develop solutions for almost all fields of application where vibration problems occur, where vibrations have to be reduced passively or actively or where the analysis of the dynamic behavior allows further statements about the state of the structure.

Since the founding of the company in 1971, Wölfel has been developing new technologies for practical application. Many of our products and groundbreaking services have been developed in the course of R&D projects. These are facilities for vibration reduction, monitoring and noise prediction. In this sense, the company acts as an intermediary between technical universities and research institutes on the one hand and industrial users on the other.



Dr. Andreas Nuber

Head of Research and Development

Phone:+49 931 49708-365
E-Mail: nuber@woelfel.de

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